We have a great year of sport lined up this year. Currently we have two Netball teams, which play on Tuesday and Wednesday, and one Indoor Football team, which play on Thursday, entered in the Victoria Uni sports league. This provides a great sweat out each week with some very competitive games. There are options to play in both first and second semester.

The next big event on the calendar is the NZMSA Sports exchange. This year it is being held in Christchurch on the 21st-23rd of July. This is a great opportunity to catch up with some old mates on the field and off. They have an amazing weekend planned with Netball, Volleyball, 7’s Rugby, Basketball, and Football, plus a newcomer this year- dodgeball.

In September, we also have the Massey Skull Cup, which is an exchange with the Vet students up in Palmy. This is run over one day and the sports will be like those at the NZMSA Sports Exchange. This is a great opportunity to meet a new bunch of people, and get a good break from study!

Also, coming up this year is a ski trip to Mt Ruapehu. The ski trip this year will be in August, and will be a great weekend away with all your mates from class. We aim to ski head up on the Friday night, ski Saturday and Sunday and then head home after getting off the mountain of Sunday.