Hey there! Welcome to WMSA Rural!

WSMA Rural is enthusiastic about promoting New Zealand rural health. We are aware that there is a concerning lack of rural general practitioners in our beautiful country. This emphasises our desire to increase the opportunities available for Wellington medical students to learn about the importance of rural medicine. We have a couple events planned for 2017 that will enable students to experience the core of rural health. Wilderness Weekend is coming up in late June, and involves rural and wilderness health professionals from all around New Zealand coming together to share their skill sets and insights to interested students. The weekend will involve staying over at Sixtus Lodge, and a range of fun and insightful workshops. Topics covered will be survival skills in the bush, life as a general practitioner, wilderness medicine and many more!

We have a close relationship with the Rural Immersion Medicine Programme, and will be able to provide information to students interested in doing this in their fifth year of study. I’m passionate about rural medicine as I grew up in a small town myself, and have seen the incredible impact that dedicated health professionals can make in a small community. Please contact me if you have any questions, I’m looking forward to what the year brings! Lydia McMillan WSMA Rural Representative