WHPSA Ball 2023


In the shimmering twilight of Courtney Place, a mystical transformation unfolds within the grandest of venues. Prepare to be swept away, dear wanderer, to the most magical place where the WHPSA Ball takes root. Embracing the theme of the Enchanted Forest, this extraordinary evening promises a realm of wonder beyond imagination.

Within the hallowed halls of this enchanting haven, immerse yourself in a world where secrets whisper among ancient tapestries and the air is thick with the ethereal allure of the fae. Glimmering chandeliers illuminate the path, casting dancing shadows upon the grand architecture that holds court with grace. Adorned in resplendent attire, the scholars of healing gather, their minds aglow with dreams as they tread upon the carpeted tapestry that weaves their destiny.

Tickets to this enchanting affair are available for a mere $45 ($55 non-members), and with each precious token, a single drink shall be bestowed upon you. Partake in the libations that flow, as you find yourself lost in conversations of both arcane knowledge and heartfelt camaraderie. Step into the realm of the WHPSA Ball, where the grandest of visions come alive amidst the timeless allure of Courtney Place, beckoning you to surrender to the magic that lies within its embrace.

Costumes not required

Date:   Saturday August 12th – doors open 7pm-8.30pm   @  Balcony Bar at The Grand

You will need proof of age ID to gain access to the venue.  WHPSA recommends that you drink responsibly.  Anyone intoxicated will not be permitted entry or will be asked to leave.  You will receive an E-ticket on successful purchase – please consider the environment and save it to your phone instead of printing

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