Flat Crawl 2020


Do you think it’s about time for the first social event of the year? Because we definitely do, that’s why we’re starting the year off with a bang by bringing back FLAT CRAWL. After a year’s hiatus flat crawl is back on the 18th of JULY. You know the drill, one night, three flats and a whole lot of debauchery (for those who failed UMAT section 2, debauchery is: fun, preferably without damage to other people’s flats).

So come along and BYO drinks, we are running a NO GLASS policy this year. We are sorting out pizzas at one of the flats so enter in any dietary requirements on the check out page

This year we are going with a Hyde St style event where each of the three flats will pick their own theme for you to dress up as.

The themes this year are:
Flat 1: Plan B career (what would you be if not a medical professional)
Flat 2: 70’s Ski Gear
Flat 3: Hippies and psychedelic

You will receive an E-Ticket once you pay for your order.   Please consider the environment and save this to your phone instead of printing.

Event Policy

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